Engaging Students Asynchronously

Quick Tips

  • The goal is to MAKE THINKING EXPLICIT!
  • Provide/model examples and non-examples of quality work.
  • Provide ample time, especially for tasks requiring interaction. Take activities that occur during one class session and spread them out over a few days.
  • Allow for multiple means of responses (text, audio, video).
  • For group work, vary groupings from time to time, but have one static grouping that students know will always be consistent.
  • For group work, have assigned roles with clearly articulated duties.


Padlet logo

Use Padlet for brainstorming and collaborative activities.

flipgrid logo

Use Flipgrid to allow students to use video, text, and audio to demonstrate learning


Have students create portfolios and work on collaborative projects with G Suite for Education

discussion board

Use discussion boards as presentation spaces, gallery walks, and work spaces