Engage Students Offline

Phone Calls

  • Making connections with every family is critical.
  • Explain how families can access the instructional materials and resources.
  • Set up office hours for student support.
  • Leverage all district staff to ensure that families are able to connect via phone at a time that works for them.
  • Consider recording staff read-alouds and sharing them via automated messages.

Learning Packets

  • Focus only on the most critical learning targets.
  • Limit the number of problems to 10 or less on a page.
  • Include problems with varied levels of depth of knowledge.
  • Provide detailed directions:
    • Consider creating videos explaining the assignment linked with QR codes.
  • Communicate if/how material will be assessed.
  • Encourage students to call for help during office hours or through hotlines.


  • Encourage students to write daily.
  • Offer prompts that inspire students to chronicle this moment in history.
  • Provide guidance around the importance of talking about a topic or prompt prior to writing.
  • Ask students to read their journal entries to family and friends.
  • Encourage the students to add illustrations and other forms of art to enhance their writing.


  • Tune into DPTV (channel 56) as they offer blocks of programming geared to specific age groups.
  • Download the free DPTV app to watch from your phone or device at any time.
  • Sign up for the DPTV/PBS Newsletter for daily activities and suggestions for extending learning during this time.

Visit the DPTV Education website.

Additional Resources